Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Mentally strong people understand that building strength takes time. Yet they know the rewards far outweigh any temporary discomfort. No longer do they expend energy on griping about what they cannot change or ruminating over events from the past.

They Don’t Give Other People Power Over They

Mentally strong people understand they cannot control everything that happens around them or in the world; rather than feeling powerless, they focus on controlling two areas that lie entirely under their control: thoughts and behaviors.

Mentally strong people know better than to vent to those who can’t help, as that just gives way to more negative feelings and frustrations. Instead, they address their concerns directly to those who can make change happen.

Mentally strong individuals don’t envy other people’s successes or feel bitter when others attain them, knowing they were able to attain their own success by hard work and dedication.

Morin recounts an Amish man’s journey as they move away from their community and establish a construction company and family life in Missouri, by following their own desires without considering what others thought or expected of them. Through building this life for themselves they realized the importance of setting personal boundaries to protect themselves from toxic relationships or unhealthy habits as well as setting goals and taking risks to live successful lives.

They Don’t Complain to People Who Can’t Help

Complaining about people or situations beyond your control creates and prolongs negative emotions, according to Morin, and can impede performance. Instead, mentally strong people focus on what actions they can take that can make a positive difference in the world.

Notably, they don’t waste energy complaining to people who can’t help them; rather, if they believe they are being treated unfairly they discuss it directly with managers or other responsible parties – “spending energy on something outside your control only diminishes self-respect,” as she puts it.

Mentally strong people understand there is no quick fix when it comes to making change happen, and don’t give up just because something feels difficult or uncomfortable; they persevere instead and focus on reaching their long-term goals.

Morin points out that chronic complainers may need professional guidance in learning skills to regain their power; otherwise, the key is shifting your attention away from negativity towards gratitude instead.

Jealousy and resentment can drain energy quickly. Mentally healthy people understand this fact, yet still remain emotionally resilient; they’re unafraid of feeling happy for other people’s successes without envying or resenting their successes; instead they channel that energy towards improving themselves while making sure the world rewards them in ways consistent with their values.

They Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Mentally strong people understand that change takes time; whether it’s losing weight, starting a business or getting promoted at work. Instead of giving up too quickly on their efforts, mentally strong individuals view each step taken toward their success as another milestone on the journey to achievement.

Mentally strong people do not envy or resent other people’s success, either. Envy and resentment drain life from people and limit their chances for success; mental strength allows people to enjoy genuine joy at seeing others achieve success without becoming jealous or resentful of it; instead they channel this energy towards improving themselves as an effective means to boost performance.

Mentally strong people don’t wallow in their past mistakes. While accepting what went wrong, they don’t dwell on past wrongdoings or yearn for past “glory days.” Instead, their energy is focused on creating the ideal present and future experiences.

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They Don’t Feel the World Owes Them Anything

Mental strength takes commitment, including making positive changes and breaking bad habits that hold back progress. Building mental strength is similar to building physical strength: You must go to the gym, eat well and end any negative habits that prevent progress from being made.

Living according to one’s own values and beliefs takes courage – even when others disagree. Mentally strong people don’t try to please everyone around them and are secure with themselves and who they are; taking others’ opinions with a grain of salt as no one knows exactly where they stand at any given moment.

Are they jealous or feel betrayed when other people surpass them, yet willing to work hard and strive for their own chances at success. And should any misstep occur, they take full responsibility and learn from it so as not to repeat it again in future endeavors.

Mentally strong people recognize that real change takes time – whether it’s weight loss, starting a business or finishing their degree – instead of becoming frustrated when instant results don’t materialise, they keep working towards their goals, reminding themselves that journey itself is more significant than destination.

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